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How is it like to run all your favorite Windows software and games on any Mac hardware, just much more faster?

Absolutely real.

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If you always wanted something special
in your life, now is your chance

Over 350 million people love their Macs for the sake of compact power with no noise or overheating, all combined with pure beauty. And still there are other 2 billion people using their PCs with Windows, just because they are afraid to loose their software. But now they don't have to be anymore. Thanks to Lion-Tech Installer you can have Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 running beside your OS X in just a few clicks with no virtualization or performance drop. After that you can choose desired OS on every start of your Mac. Let’s enjoy all your favorite software or games, just faster.

Hold on to
your habits

With Lion-Tech Installer everything is exactly as what you are used to. No more fear of the drop on your productivity.

Enjoy the amazing

MacBooks are the most beautiful hardware you can get. And you still gain much more power than with majority of PC hardware.

Use your
favorite software

MacBooks just for fun? Not anymore. You could run all the Windows software as on the native PC. Just faster.

Awake your passion
for gaming

Enjoy all the new games on the most powerful hardware. Full details in your backpack. Anytime, anywhere.

Our solution

Lion-Tech Installer is a specially crafted installer to get Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 installed on your Mac with just a few clicks. After that you can run all the Windows software and games as on a PC. We don't use any virtualization and thanks to perfectly tuned Mac hardware you will get much higher performance than you are used to.

Although Lion-Tech Installer can be used by all kinds of users, there are still few things which can make the whole process much more easier, especially for those, who don't want to activate Windows on their own or want to buy their Mac with Windows already installed. That’s why we negotiate with Apple and Microsoft and in near future we will be able to offer all-in-one solutions including Windows licenses as well as Mac hardware.

More info
  • Perfect for current Mac owners
  • Digital download, instant availability
  • Possibility to use own Windows license
    or buy one after installation